Sergey Khorokhordin (Сергей Хорохордин)

Born October 9, 1985
From Barnaul, Altaiskii Krai
Level: Honored Master of Sport
Coaches: E.V. Kozhevnikov, L.V. Monarev, O.A. Nechaeva, L.E. Kozhevnikova

Currently coaching.

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2012 Russian Cup FX AA
2012 Russian Championships PB EF
2012 Russian Championships SR EF
2012 Russian Championships PH EF


2011 Mexican Open Gala
2011 Mexican Open PB
2011 World Championships HB TF
2011 World Championships PB TF
2011 Russian Cup HB EF
2011 Russian Cup PB EF
2011 Russian Cup PH EF


2010 Voronin Memorial HB EF
2010 Voronin Memorial HB AA
2010 Voronin Memorial PB AA
2010 Voronin Memorial SR AA
2010 World Championships PB TF
2010 World Championships PH TF
2010 Dynamo Cup PB AA
2010 Russian Cup HB AA
2010 Russian Cup PB AA


2009 Gander Memorial PB


2008 Olympics HB AA
2008 Olympics PB AA
2008 Olympics VT AA
2008 Olympics SR AA
2008 Olympics HB TF
2008 Olympics PB TF
2008 Olympics FX TF
2008 Russian Championships HB EF
2008 Russian Championships PB EF
2008 Russian Championships FX EF
2008 European Championships HB TF
2008 European Championships PB TF
2008 European Championships SR TF
2008 European Championships FX TF
2008 European Championships HB QF
2008 European Championships SR QF
2008 European Championships FX QF


2007 Voronin Memorial HB
2007 Voronin Memorial PB
2007 Voronin Memorial SR
2007 Swiss Cup PB
2007 Swiss Cup VT
2007 Swiss Cup FX
2007 World Championships HB QF
2007 World Championships VT QF
2007 Moscow World Cup HB


2006 Voronin Memorial HB
2006 Voronin Memorial PB
2006 World Championships PH TF
2006 World Championships FX TF
2006 World Cup (Ghent) PB EF
2006 European Championships HB
2006 European Championships PB
2006 American Cup PB AA
2006 American Cup VT AA


2005 World Championships HB AA
2005 World Championships PB AA
2005 Russian Championships SR
2005 Russian Championships PH 
2005 Russian Championships FX





2001 Junior International Tournament SR


  1. Do you happen to have a link to Khorokhordin's 2008 Olympic All-Around Parallel Bars Routine ? I can't seem to find it anywhere and it happens to be one of the best ones he's done. Thanks

    1. Just added it above. :) Had to find a new link.

  2. Do you know where I can find videos of the Beijing Qualifications for the Russian men, if you do let me know it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    1. Unfortunately, no. I had a link to them at one point, but the video was deleted off youtube and I haven't been able to find another since then. I'll post them here if I find them though!